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Why Fast?Learn from great men and women of the Bible who experienced the power of fasting

What is your greatest need today? Do you need wisdom, power, healing, or protection? The Bible tells of men and women with the same struggles that you face today. They sought God’s face through prayer and fasting for the different seasons of their lives . . . and so can you.


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Juice RecipesDelicious recipes for your juice fast or Daniel Fast.

Includes Breakfast Super Juice, Tropical Tango, Lemon and Garlic Potato, Lentil Stew, and Kale Soup.


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Why Do We Fast? (Sermon Notes)

Today I want to teach on Fasting. You see there are different kinds of fasts. There are fasts that you do privately. The Bible teaches that when you fast privately, He will reward you openly. But then in the Bible there are “called Fasts” – times and situations that call for unusual measures. Sometimes you need unusual measurements to meet the unusual times that you’re living in.


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A Heart For Fasting (Sermon Notes)

Why do we begin every year here at the ministry with a 21 day fast? Simply because it releases God to do the unusual and to do what He will not do until people fast and pray. I am convinced of that. Every year we begin with a 21 day fast because the Bible said, “seek first the kingdom and then things will be added to you.” That’s spiritual, physical, and emotional; in every area I believe the addition comes as we seek the Lord in fasting and prayer at the beginning of the year. 

I want to teach you about preparing your heart for this fast…


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I want to share some teaching with you to encourage and boost your faith for the 21-day fast.


Daniel went on a 21-day fast. It was a partial fast. What are we doing as a church? I’m calling this church to a 21-day fast that will begin with a 3-day total fast. This means you eat nothing for the next 72 hours. Drink water, drink juice if you need it for three days. On day four, begin the Daniel Fast; this is a partial fast...


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I want to speak to you about Fasting. I want to just encourage you in your Fasting.


Acts chapter 10, “Cornelius says, ‘four days ago I was fasting until this hour.’” And he said, “The angel came to me.” Cornelius was fasting and “the angel came to him.” And the thought that I want to give you is this, that as he was fasting and as he was praying, this incredible occurrence of an angel coming and speaking to a Gentile man, a man who was not of the Jewish faith...


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Fasting Sessions with Jentezen Franklin A five-week interactive study on the power of biblical fasting




Jentezen Franklin walks readers step by step through the practice and reward of fasting in this five-week interactive study. Perfect for both individuals and small groups, the Fasting DVD  provides the tools and motivation necessary to make fasting an integral part of your spiritual walk.

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